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Building & Construction

Building and Construction industry is a gear gauge to economic status and wealth creation. Having a deep impact over society, the industry deals with investment, technological and environmental sectors. At AsacaIndia, our clients have been served with best experiences. The team works through operational, regulatory, financial, accounting and tax issues that impact your bottom line. Our building and construction industry-oriented services includes construction-specific accounting, audit, tax and consulting services delivered by industry-dedicated professionals. Because of our focus to the field changes and achievements, we hold an in-depth knowledge and experience that is matchless, and offer our construction clients practical and perceptive business advice.


OVERVIEW: How AsacaIndia serves clients

  • Industry recognized professionals’ teams up to provide audit, tax, and advisory services to companies in the real estate, construction, and building sector in particular. Ours, is the well-versed advisory service which is prompt and skillful, independent, objective, and based on quality information.
  • We work upon challenges that keep you upfront with the extensive experience and knowledge to serve. Also, we walk through all those local and global development that upbring you business in to market.
  • We commit to work from start to finish for you in all key phases. To efficiently implement our suggestions or recommendations, we will help you through decision-making steps.
  • In order to better understand your business objectives and needs, we will discuss each and every aspect of your outlook so that best outcome can be generated.
  • Our services are focused to serve as per requirement whether it is on priority bases or as per particular time period that you may face in the near future. We combine our services and abilities to meet your specific requirements.


Accounting Advisory Services for well-managed execution:AsacaIndia professionals

  • Work for you at your company and under your management, on a secondment basis;
  • Assist you in preparing cash flow projections or planning reports;
  • Assist you in preparing underlying information for an audit, and calculating selected input data;
  • In business conversions, we will help you prepare the necessary closing financial statements and the opening balance sheet; and calculate the equity;
  • Assist you in implementing new accounting standards and make your existing reporting systems and processes more efficient.


Tax Services for overall expansion for an organization:We, at AsacaIndia:

  • Provides advisory and tax services that consider specific needs of the company as well as particular characteristics of the real estate, construction and building industry.
  • Offer approaches that can result in tax savings or reduce the tax tasks connected with transactions;
  • Organize agreements for the purchase of shares or assets;
  • Help managing Tax depreciation planning, including the tax treatment of improvements, taking into consideration the business benefits for real estate owners;
  • Looks after Real estate lease and related to tax implications;
  • Manages Tax planning in the area of wealth tax.


Audit services to make business processes simpler and beneficial:

  • We supply a wide array of audit and audit related services that ranges from reviewing your business processes and examining your financial statements, to assisting in the preparation of your financial statements;
  • The team review your company’s compliance with statutory requirements fixed by accounting and tax legislation;
  • Work with you to identify, measure and compare basic business processes and establish how well they function;
  • We recommend improved opportunities for your business including the areas that are important to you.
  • Analyze how your company functions and identify potential risks that, if not managed properly, may result in misstatements;