Asacaindia | Real Estate
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Real Estate

Real estate is unsure of whether the changing trend would remain or bring bend to the current standards. It arise a big need of a specialized approach to tackle vulnerable aspects in accounting, audit and taxation segments. This business sector is composed of both corporate users of real estate and private and public companies in the business of owning and/or managing real estate. The market fluctuations in this field are based on the capital markets as well as local, regional, national and international, economic, and legislative factors.

Over the past few years, the emergence of a shadow banking market has taken place to support the real estate industry. In Asia specifically, it appears to be business as usual with the ongoing real estate market changes that highlights the need of local knowledge so that operating in a particular region would be more confident and effective. AsacaIndia offers a full range of services for the real estate industry including accounting, assurance, tax, and financial consulting services. The services we provide is skilled with years of back record and matches to different individuals and companies requirements involved in developing, owning, investing, managing, and financing real estate projects.

We deal with a wide array of clients and business needs including developers, general and sub-contractors, asset management firms, lenders, investors, property management firms, real estate brokers, and brokerage firms. To secure income flows, it needs asset and property management skills which in turn improves contractual terms, occupancy levels and generally works the assets.


Our Value

Through our global network of member firms, AsacaIndia is working on every step of the asset and investment lifecycle. We offer expansive experience in working with stakeholders on all levels throughout the real estate industry twists and turns. Whether your focus is local, national, and regional or global, our professionals provide you with the right blend of understanding, experience and knowledge to support and enhance your needs and ambitions. Our real estate professionals focus on providing a variety of backgrounds including accounting, tax, advisory, banking, regulation and corporate finance.

Our clients appreciate the commitment to excellence offered by our team with the global mindset and consistent delivery. We perform the best skills to build trusted relationships that are at the core of our business and reputation.