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Govt. Consultancy

Although there are crisis in financial standards still one good thing did come out of the crisis when it comes to corporate sector and that is govt. consultancy services. While it can be a burden for a business organization, it is also an opportunity to prove the skills under immense pressure. It helps driving desire for greater understanding of integrated risk management for leading organisations.

In order to achieve this outcome there is a growing hunger to restructuring risk management through planning and execution of a cost-effective and wide business approach. Asacaindia simplifies upsetting facts that may affect business reputation such as earnings, ROI, manpower arrangement, work supply and circulation and many more with the ultimate combination of skilled management consulting professionals who knows how to work out through such concerns.

They make an appropriate use of quantitative risk tools and development planning that will improve the strength of the process. The precise linking of cultural diagnostics will further enhance the overall understanding of key risks.


Actuarial Advisory Services

In a complex world, providing clarity to quality modification and precision of business decision-making is how actuarial advisory services help businesses to work with an ease.

Extensively used in the insurance and finance sectors, actuarial analysis has been working into many other areas as its supremacy and suppleness become more widely appreciated. Moreover, actuarial skills are being sought to hold up multi-disciplinary approaches in regard to make important business decisions.


Board Advisory Services

Defining responsibilities and priorities performed by boards and adding value to the organisation is the main motive of including Board Advisory Services in policies.

Boards and individual company directors often struggle with their multiple responsibilities.

AsacaIndia Board Advisory Services work alongside boards by helping them in understanding issues and build them as per the performance and governance standards.


Financial Risk Management

AsacaIndia’s financial risk management includes measuring risks on various working levels, modifying business performance and transforming regulatory compliance into a key value driver.

More organizations are connecting to AsacaIndia

Realizing the benefits of our consistent approach to financial risk management and regulatory compliance. Many are now looking for risk management and compliance to drive superior performance.


Internal Audit, Risk & Control Services

Failure to recognize risk and control issues, or to deal constructively with regulatory compliance, can negate gains elsewhere in the business.

In many organisations there is a great need to improve and enhance internal audit potentials in these areas. It is where AsacaIndia Internal Audit, Risk & Control group can help with one-of-its-kind standards generated in earlier projects the company has worked for.


Management Consulting

Successful organisations, whether they have recently started or currently working as an acknowledged name, continually look at their presentation, price and policy grounds. They seek opportunities to improve their competence and take benefit of opportunities arising from technical modernism. Also, changes in regulation, consumer behaviours, and economic conditions also been supported in case of management consulting.