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One of the most influential tools to be successful in a competitive business atmosphere is Joint Ventures. It is specifically called as teaming up with two or more parties or business entity with lawful intentions of expanding business influence and to create a market presence that is powerful. Joint Ventures concept has been focused towards leading market competition wherein if you’re not utilizing this strategic weapon, chances are your competitors will soon be, using this to their advantage and possibly against you! In comparison to this, collaboration is said to be a layman’s term and not authoritatively included in accounting standards.


Primary Goal

For Asaca India, primary goal is to make a successful setup as a joint venturer. With an informed start and expert advice, it will surely take you a step ahead and commemorate your business enhancement with us. We majorly work over different streams and regulations, if a Joint Venture is not for a specific project but to take a lead upon normal business on a continuous basis.



We define JV as a type of partnership. Joint Venture is not a type of entity and can be transformed as corporation, partnership, a limited liability enterprise, and so on. A joint venture is not only feasible among local businesses but can also be formed between local as well as international parties. Joint venture is an authentic platform for foreign businesses to get in association with another country’s markets with an ease as well as allowing it to use the resources of the local partner. Thus, for us taking our clients and their businesses to constructive growth based on the technical aspects of joint ventures is necessary..