Asacaindia | Healthcare
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Over the years, one thing has largely fissured upright industries like healthcare that is difference in being what has been anticipated for a successful future and the “actual” healthcare infrastructure served to society. This has immensely driven significant investment into assets like hospitals and other facilities. In turn to the responsive behaviour, the availability and affordability of healthcare is encouraging demand for other services such as diagnostics, pharmacies, equipment etc.

AsacaIndia combines industry insight with professional viewpoint so that management can be guided with proper business advice. It enables clients to lead respective industry with more opportunities open for improvement and more efficient operations. Our team of health care, tax and accounting professionals has expertise in all aspects of the Health Care Reform Act. This industry knowledge and experience assists healthcare providers in navigating through the maze of regulations and complexities challenging them today


There are several keys to the success of AsacaIndia Health care industry services:

  • AsacaIndia business model is unique to the healthcare marketplace
  • Exclusive approach helps you identify and realize the benefits of improvement opportunities.
  • Facilitate analysis, implementation and monitoring of realizing your improvement opportunities.
  • All the approaches are customized to the needs of your organization


Billing & Collections

  • Coding & Documentation Review
  • Electronic Claims Processing
  • Collection Procedures
  • Denials & Appeals Management


Financial Services

  • Cost Accounting & Review Services
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Audits
  • Financial Projections – Budgets, New Business Ventures
  • Cash Flow Analysis & Planning
  • Federal & State Tax Return Preparation



  • Managed Care Contract Review
  • Managed Care Contract Renegotiation
  • Fee Schedule Analysis