Asacaindia | Private Equity
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Private Equity

Private Equity firms are competing in corporate world with many different aspects such as squint global markets impact over emerging markets and varying the way deals are being done in between two recognized or newly established names in business. What is more required to the private equity field is firms must evaluate the sectors that are least affected by the credit crisis and where the returns (in which sectors) are likely to revitalize or flourish in the middle of bankruptcies. To compound issues, Private Equity firms have to start shielding cash strength, increasing operations margins while worrying about inflation, deflation and political uncertainty–and still meet the expectations of their varied constituencies–limited partners, institutional investors and wealth funds.


We come with a jam-packed reach and exposure to different market variations when it comes to private equity due diligence, audit, tax, and transaction services. We have enhanced this sector with the following features:

  • Qualified teams with commitment to lead their relationship with clients
  • Audit reports that are readily accepted in capital markets
  • Networks to recognize competent predictions for investment


Serving Private Equity Funds

We develop an understanding to make you known to your investment criteria, industry specializations, and the broad structure of how your investments have been working overall. We deliver our clients specialized expertise with an assistance in your due diligence, tax structure, and allied accounting and financial reporting issues.


Private equity clients find that our specialty services, in the areas of business advisory, state and local tax, and tax planning and structuring, along with our transaction capabilities, are exceptionally valuable to their business. These services include:

  • Private equity due diligence services
  • Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI) exposure planning
  • International tax planning/cross-border taxation expertise
  • evaluation with respect to intangibles
  • Identification of tax prospects to enhance earnings and return-on-investment (ROI)
  • Effectively Connected Income (ECI) exposure planning for foreign investors


Serving Private Equity Portfolio Companies

In most situations, our relationship matures with the supple services we provide. Services like private equity audit, tax, cost accounting, financial reporting and internal control systems which help businesses to ensure that timely, efficient and accurate financial reporting is in place. Also, the companies remain in fulfillment with tax reporting obligations.