Asacaindia | Telecommunications
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Telecommunications feature two key elements to achieve that is improving business performance and cost reduction. With a massive reputation in the industry, AsacaIndia is continuously flourishing in telecommunications with the fastest ever results and market know-how. We help clients to navigate the business issues uniquely as per their industry. Our Telecommunications experts have widespread understanding and immense experience to work in highly regulated environments related to integrated commercial telecommunications companies and telecom trade associations.

AsacaIndia offers a range of resources designed to ensure you have the skilled assistance necessary to meet your business challenges head on. No matter if it is a beginning for a company or an established company looking for a fresh make over, market challenges may create hurdles in your expansion. Here comes the main role performed by us. Finding professionals who can keep up with the cycle of change, help you managing your market competition and improve profitability make your and our job in sync. At AsacaIndia, we enjoy the rapidly changing technology focused clients live in.


We will help you meet your business and growth objectives. Including the traditional accounting, auditing, tax and consulting services, we have been serving custom-made superlative services in telecom industry such as:

  • External Audit
  • Contractual Audit
  • Regulatory strategy and process
  • Regulatory costing and pricing
  • Sector policy and liberalization
  • Network separation
  • Regulatory accounting

From start-up till finish, AsacaIndia serves a wide range of clients in all sectors of Information Technology and telecommunications, putting them in a position to earn continuity and strength.