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Transport & Logistics

AsacaIndia, being a truly chosen name for accounting, audit and taxation in transport and logistics field, number of recognized businesses prefer us to be their calculative partners. We go an extra mile when it comes to serve clients’ needs in transportation industry. We work closely with many different transportation and logistics requirements that our clients forward to us for developing effective strategies and implement relevant financial techniques. It helps us improving the bottom line of every deal which is utmost important and AsacaIndia stood best to it always. A wide range of issues has been tackled, organized and lead from growing your business and acquiring competition to helping develop exit strategies. Our clients benefit from timely recommendations including factors like effects of tax laws on their operations and investments, recommendations to reduce costs, improve productivity, expand operations and use staffing and technology more competently. AsacaIndia will help you looking for answers to handle the following queries:



  • In what regions should income tax returns be filled by a particular person?
  • To take a business to the next generation while not missing out on tax advantages is something which needs proper estate plan. Anything in particular?
  • federal and state tax liabilities can be easen-up with the help of which procedure?
  • How can be the fuel tax and state registration processes can be best managed with experts


Information Technology

  • How can be technology be helpful in keeping taxation and accounting system organizaed?
  • And, who is the one to keep computer system in a timely manner without disrupting business operations?



  • What options are available in equipments such as owner-operator, leased or company-owned?
  • How can a formal budgeting process can help determining, analyzing and controlling profitability?
  • How can operating ratio be improved?
  • What are the tax and cash-flow consequences of an expansion plan?
  • How can the efficiency in overall operation can be increased and maintained?


The Transportation and Logistics Industry Group reviews and analyzes issues central to this industry. As a result, our professionals in Transportation and Logistics industry posses the most current knowledge of transportation issues, regulations and trends. We seek to provde the best-in-form solutions to reach the strategic goals proposed by a business and let the company grow along the business.