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AsacaIndia has a commitment to deliver first-rate audit services designed to bring real value and underline investors’ confidence in us. The risk-based audit approach is a center of attention for companies looking for step-by-step management of systems and internal controls. We provide end to end solutions in audit and assurance sector so that the delivery will get intact results with the custom made solutions based on the size and nature of your business. At AsacaIndia, we invite you to explore the many ways our professionals have been providing to help managing audit requirements such as


Attestation Services

AsacaIndia offers attestation services that are intended to facilitate member firms’ clients addressing several specific issues. This further includes
1) Prospective reporting –
considered in a context where there is a regulatory requirement for the prospective financial information to be stated by an independent, external firm. Services are conducted in accordance with International Standards on Audit Engagements or applicable national standards.
2) other forms of attestation –
These services cover many needs for attestation that are outside the financial statement audit requirements. They respond to business needs of member firm clients to obtain independent assurance on the reliability or validity of information related to a product, service or activity that is the responsibility of the client.

We are able to share our member firms’ insights with clients globally through the following resource centers:

  • The Audit Committee Institute (ACI) is a knowledge resource for the support of audit committee and other board members and AsacaIndia has been following the norms by keeping a proper pace with different business issues related to governance, audit, accounting and financial reporting,
  • The Advisory Institute established as a forum discusses different ways to deal with the growth and advancement of effective internal controls.


European Commission Audit Reform

AsacaIndia represents a positive outline of change and is convinced that the status quo is not an option. The company strongly supports the proposals that aspire to improve the significance and reputation of audit and provide for a forceful structure for auditor independence and corporate governance.


Financial Statement Audit

AsacaIndia provides an independent audit of financial statements that helps in maintaining investors’ confidence in our years of expertise and therefore supports effective functioning of capital markets and finally helping your business on enhancement level.

AsacaIndia follows a consistent methodology in order to provide a balanced audit approach developed to meet the terms of International Standards on Auditing. Based on our foundation principles such as professional integrity, independence and ethical behavior, we make sure that all our partners and staff must act in accordance with the stated norms.


Audit Committee Institute

AsacaIndia’s Audit Committee Institute (ACI) offers an excellence of audit committee and board members with practical insights, resources, and peer-exchange opportunities focused on improving supervision by avoiding errors and oversights of financial reporting and audit quality. Also, the string of challenges facing boards and businesses in the current times from risk management and emerging technologies to strategy and global compliance is considerable as well.